AISS Large Screw HE Series Chillers

Control Over Temperature

AISS Large Screw HE Series Chillers

The AISS Large Screw HE series of air-cooled industrial chillers by Blauwer is equipped with 2 high-efficiency
semi-hermetic screw compressors that, together with the shell and tube evaporator and the finned copper condenser, ensure high energy efficiency during the refrigeration process. The range operates at an outlet temperature between +5°C and +25°C and includes various models with cooling capacities ranging from 360 kW to 1170 kW, allowing it to meet any production requirement.


Cooling capacity

Cooling capacity ranging from 360 kW to 1170 kW.

Ambient temperatures

Designed to operate in ambient temperatures up to +45°C.


Equipped with 2 high-efficiency semi-hermetic screw compressors, one for each refrigerant circuit.

Eco-friendly gas

Option to operate with low GWP refrigerants R134A or R513A upon request.


Features a shell and tube evaporator.


High-efficiency finned copper condensers with air filters.


Electronic expansion valves.


Includes pressure switches, flow switches, and anti-freeze safety measures.


Utilizes a dual refrigerant circuit.

High-efficiency axial fans with flow straighteners and adjustable speed.

Programmable control system with alarm history, also available with remote control option.


– High-pressure primary pump made of stainless steel.


– Stand-by pump.


– Internal automatic by-pass.


– Automatic device for circuit filling.


– Insulated and pressurized accumulation tank for up to 10 fan refrigerators.


– High-efficiency, high-pressure fans with BRUSHLESS motors.


– Remote control with touch screen display 

– Double insulation and special calibration of low-pressureswitch for fluid temperatures between -5°C and +5°C.

– Kit for fluid temperatures from -5°C to -10°C.

– Tropicalized version.

– Electrical panel conditioner.

– Heat recovery system.

– Special voltages.

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