NTC Series Temperature Controllers

Control Over Temperature

NTC Series Temperature Controllers

The NTC series of direct exchange water temperature controllers by Blauwer is equipped with a
high-efficiency horizontal multi-stage pump made of stainless steel. Together with the motorized 3-way modulation valve, they ensure accurate temperature regulation. The range operates at water temperatures of up to 95°C and offers various models with heating capacities ranging from 3 to 36 kW, allowing them to meet any production requirement.



Stainless steel high-efficiency horizontal multistage pump.


Maximum pump head up to 4,5 bar.

Heating capacity

Heating capacity from 3 kW to 36 kW.

Water flow

Water flow rate processed and available from 2 m3/h to24 m3/h.

Water temperature

Maximum water temperature up to 95°C with electric heaters.


Direct exchange system.

Pressure indicator

Water pressure indicator and air vent for operation in a closed-loop circuit.


Motorized 3-way modulation valve with supply temperature sensor.


Insulated internal piping.


Programmable control with alarm history and color touch screen display.


– Stainless steel high-pressure horizontal multistage pump with a capacity of up to 6,6 bar.


– Double electric heating element for heating capacities up to 36 kW.

– Flow meter.

– Solid-state relays for the electric heating elements.

– Special voltages.

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